Wir können Ihre ganz persönliche Traumhochzeit nach thailändischer Tradition bei uns organisieren. Neben der Geburt ist die Hochzeit das wichtigste Ereignis im Leben der Thais. Deshalb soll die Zeremonie in einer schönen und gefälligen Weise stattfinden.

Religious ceremonies On the evening of the day before the wedding day, a Buddhist ceremony happens. During this ceremony, the newly weds pay homage to the bride ancestors. The newly weds wear ordinary clothesDuring this wedding ceremony nine monks are invited. Near the first monk there is a bowl with a candle and water inside. This is used as holy water for the next day.

In the early morning of the wedding day (around 6 a.m. ) monks arrive. Nine monks are invited again. Prayers are said again and the main monk throws holy water on the audience.
The newly weds, wearing beautiful Thai clothes, are kneeled close together and there is a string going from the bride's head to the groom's head. On the head it makes a circle. They closed their hands making a "WAI" or Thai greeting.

After the dinner reception, the last ceremony to be performed is the sending-off of the bride and groom to the room specially arranged with the decoration of roses. The ceremony will usually be guided by the elder villager and eventually, the ceremony ends here.

Thai Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

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The first monk holds a special fan in one hand and a microphone in the other hand. The whole village can listen to the prayers. During the ceremony the audience crouches in front of the monks several times. After a while the monks pause and drink a coke. Then they continue again. After the end of the prayers they go back to the temple